The Exeflon Intravenous Cannula is intended for intravenous therapy and blood transfusion. The compact and unique design, which incorporates an injection port enables medications to be administered during on- going infusion. When sealed off with the Luer-lock plug the Exeflon can be used exclusively for injections. The Double Tapered PTFE catheter ensures a smooth venipuncture.
The Execan Intravenous cannula design facilitates one-handed, controlled placement while minimizing the risk of contaminating the Luer connection. The needle point configuration in combination with the
Double Tapered PTFE catheter ensures safe venipuncture and smooth insertion.
The Exeway range of infusion stopcocks with extension tubing are CE marked to ensure highest
safety and uniform quality. The stopcocks are leakproof upto 40 bar, yet easy to operate, sterile, non-pyrogenic and individually packaged. The secure Luer-lock connector and Luer- lock plugs at the rotating ports ensure leak proof connections.
The Exeneo Intravenous Cannula approaches the ideal for cannulation of small and fragile essels.
The unique design with its detachable wing-holder and pliable wings ensures convenient and precise venepuncture and comfortable fixation. The Exeneo has a Double Tapered PTFE catheter which ensures smooth insertion and attached plug for sterile closure of the cannula.